Claire Ptak


Claire Ptak is an American pastry chef, formerly at legendary Chez Panisse restaurant in California. She moved to London in 2005, and founded Violet Cakes, making delicious American-style cakes and treats made with seasonal, natural and organic ingredients. She began with a stall at Broadway Market then, in 2010, opened Violet, her acclaimed bakery and café in Hackney. Claire is also a food stylist and the author of three cookbooks: Leon: Baking & Puddings, The Whoopie Pie Book, and The Home-Made Sweet Shop.

Claire Ptak's Edits
  • Victoria sponge

    January 10, 2014

    ...Early for us, lateish for her, Claire Ptak answers the door of Violet Cakes, the cutest working bakery this side of a 1950s children’s book. There’s nothing in here that isn’t either pretty or c...


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