Geoff Robinson


Geoff Robinson fell into bartending as a means of paying his university tuition. He fell harder than he expected, and has remained locked into the industry ever since. After helping to open an award-winning cocktail bar in his native Vancouver, he ventured out to do some travelling. He ended up in London, working at ECC Chinatown. Following his stint there, he took up the bar manager position at Happiness Forgets in Hoxton Square, a small basement cocktail bar that has since been accorded some acclaim, including being named 12th best bar in the world by Drinks International.

Geoff Robinson's Edits
  • Mulled wine

    October 21, 2012

    ...'Mulled wine isn't just a drink – it's an aroma,' says Geoff Robinson, counting out his spices behind the bar at Happiness Forgets on Hoxton Square. 'What I love about making this is that it's so ev...


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