Luca Missaglia


Luca Missaglia is from Milan, Italy. He always knew he wanted to work in the hospitality business, and decided on bartending as a vocation following his experience of the exceptional service in some of the glamorous cocktail bars of his native city. He came to London in 2008 and, in 2011, after a stint at LAB Bar (London Academy of Bartenders), Luca joined Quo Vadis, the legendary restaurant, bar and private members’ club in Soho. Luca is particularly proud to work for Quo Vadis, as it was opened in 1926 by fellow Italian Pepino Leoni and, prior to that, was home to one of Europe’s greatest philosophers and revolutionary socialists, Karl Marx.

Luca Missaglia's Edits
  • An Aviation

    October 21, 2013

    ...If you're fond of gin cocktails, you're bound to be familiar with the Negroni, the White Lady and the Tom Collins. Just as classic, but a little more rarefied, is the violet-scented Aviation, as prepa...


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