Phil Usher


Phil Usher, group pastry chef for Caprice Holdings, has been creating delectable desserts for 34, the Ivy, Scott’s, J Sheekey and Daphne’s for the past 14 years. He works closely with an army of pastry chefs – at Christmas, they collectively bake 10,000 mince pies for their customers. In 1997, Phil won the Academy for Culinary Arts Award for Excellence and, as an Academician, he sits on the panel of judges for this annual event.

Phil Usher's Edits
  • Posh jelly

    October 23, 2012

    ...We were idly thinking about jelly, and how much we love it, and wishing we could order it in a chic restaurant… when we had a doh! moment. Of course! What about Scott's or Dean Street Townhouse or J...


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