Tony Conigliaro


Tony Conigliaro is not only acknowledged as a ground-breaking drinks creator, but also as one of the most respected bartenders in the UK, opening and running some of the best bars in London. He studied fine art and art history for five years, then worked in fashion prior to his involvement in drinks, and credits a broad spectrum of influences, from chefs and perfumers to scientists and designers. In 2012 he opened Le Coq in Paris, and published a book called, simply, Drinks (Ebury).

Tony Conigliaro's Edits
  • Pine Gimlet

    October 12, 2013

    ...When the owners of the Zetter hotel lassoed ace chef Bruno Loubet in 2010, they were setting the bar high for themselves. Then they joined forces with Tony Conigliaro, the dapper drinks master and fou...


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