Facial oils have been deployed by Chinese and Indian skincare experts for centuries, yet in Europe we remained resolutely suspicious until very recently. So we asked Cult Beauty experts Alexia Inge and Jessica DeLuca for their top tips and product picks.

‘Oils have a physical similarity to sebum which gives them a natural affinity with skin, ie: they absorb quickly and help balance natural oil production,’ says Alexia. ‘Always take 5 minutes to massage in the oil – this improves micro-circulation in the skin, and plumps out wrinkles.’

Aesop Fabulous face oil

‘This adored facial oil works on all skin types, but is especially good if you have sensitive, congested and reactive skin, or for smokers and party animals. Use as a gentle boost in the morning, for facial massage, or as a night treatment; only a few drops are needed, and when used daily with your usual moisturiser it softens, hydrates and detoxifies patchy skin and leaves a matte, non-greasy finish.  Juniper berries, jasmine and ylang ylang give this natural serum a lovely natural fragrance, and the brown-glass Aesop bottles not only look good, but also protect the product inside from degrading UV rays, so fewer preservatives are required.

Aesop Fabulous Face Oil, £40. Buy online here

Rodin Luxury face oil

If you want dewy skin, this is a great trick – I know many make-up artists who keep Olio Lusso in their kits. After you’ve completed your skincare regimen, mix a couple of drops in with your foundation and pat on with a Beautyblender. It stops your complexion make-up looking too ‘done’ and adds a luminous sheen that only young skin has naturally. This oil is made up of the top 11 essential oils known for nourishing and revitalising properties, and smells gorgeously of jasmine. It’s also an effective night treatment for times when your skin is stressed owing to extreme weather.

Rodin Olio Lusso luxury face oil, £97. Buy online here

De Mamiel Winter facial oil

Created by acupressure facialist and skin specialist Annee de Mamiel, a limited quantity of these fine, hand-mixed facial oils is released on the equinox of each new season. They are designed to support the needs of both skin and emotions as the seasons shift. The Autumn Facial Oil has a calming effect on stressed wintry skin, with lavender to soothe and unlock emotional baggage, sweet orange for optimism, and grounding green hay. Frankincense and myrrh work on fine lines and, aromatherapeutically, are meant to up inner confidence levels.’

de Mamiel Winter Facial Oil, £60. Buy online here


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