Lucy Folk’s first foray into jewellery design was as a child, crafting macaroni necklaces at her father’s café in Melbourne. A self-confessed foodie, Lucy launched her first collection in 2005, around the concept of ‘wearable food’: limited-edition popcorn and lobster claws in 18-carat gold and solid silver.

Most recently, Lucy’s friendship bracelets have been elevated to cult status, with fashion editors and style mavens adorning wrists with several vibrantly coloured bracelets, each sealed with Lucy’s exclusive taco-inspired silver and gold embellishments (aka the ‘Folk fob clasp’). We caught up with Melbourne-based Lucy during a recent visit to London, for a masterclass in how to fashion the simplest of friendship bracelets.

Lucy Folk’s simple chevron friendship bracelet

You’ll need

  • Embroidery thread in five colours of your choice
  • Scissors
  • A ruler
  • Tape or safety pins
  • 1

    Select your coloured threads and cut each strand to around 60 centimetres.

  • 2

    Fold the threads in half.

  • 3

    Tie a knot around 2cm from the middle point, creating a small loop.

  • 4

    Secure the threads on a flat surface with tape or a safety pin. Separate the threads so the matching colours are mirrored on both sides.

  • 5

    Start on the left-hand side by taking the outermost thread (yellow) and folding it over the second thread (blue).

  • 6

    Tie a small knot.

  • 7

    Gently pull the knot to the top of the loop, then tie a second knot using the yellow thread

  • 8

    Continue the process, working inwards. The working colour (yellow) should always be tied twice over the other coloured thread as it works its way to the middle. This creates half of the chevron pattern.

  • 9

    Repeat the process from the right-hand side, taking the outermost thread (yellow) over the blue thread.

  • 10

    Tie two knots and repeat the process until the outermost thread (yellow) has worked to the centre.

  • 11

    By this stage, both yellow threads should be in the middle. Tie them twice with a knot. This is the first chevron completed.

  • 12

    Repeat the process creating a repeat chevron pattern.

  • 13

    When your bracelet has reached the required length, plait the remaining threads on either side.

  • 14

    Secure the plaited threads with a knot and trim any excess thread. Voilà.

Lucy Folk’s collection can be browsed at and is available to buy online at


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