If you’re not brave enough to channel full-on Hammer House heroine this Halloween, why not make a strong yet understated statement with this season’s blood-red nails. We called on super blogger and nail art guru, Shini Park of Park&Cube for inspiration on how to embrace the gothic vibe… with a ghoulish twist.

‘The easiest way to wear the gothic trend is on your nails,’ says Shini. ‘I used Chanel’s iconic Rouge Noir nail colour, the original blackberry-stained shade, but you can use any dark blood-red polish. It’s important to use two coats to achieve a bold, glossy look. Nails should be short and rounded.’

Shini’s simple spider’s web nails

You’ll need

  • A top and base coat
  • A few toothpicks, or nail-art pen
  • White nail polish (we used Essie Blanc)
  • Blood red or black nail polish (we used Chanel’s Rouge Noir)
  • Scrap paper or an old magazine cover

Apply two layers of top coat for a super-shiny finish

  • 1

    Start with clean, bare nails. The tips should be short and slightly rounded.

  • 2

    Apply the base coat and allow to dry.

  • 3

    Paint your entire nail using your chosen nail polish.

  • 4

    Place a dollop of white nail polish onto the scrap paper, dip a toothpick into it, and use the toothpick to draw a spider’s web onto the nail.

  • 5

    To achieve spider web-thin lines, try to get as little varnish on the toothpick as possible. Alternatively, you could use a white nail-art pen.

  • 6

    Have fun by reversing colours on different nails, and don’t be scared to try out different Halloween motifs (bats, spiders, skulls…) If you don’t have a steady hand you can always use nail wraps (see below).

  • 7

    Allow the design to dry thoroughly and finish by applying two layers of top coat.

Find more nail art design and DIY tips from Shini Park at Park&Cube.com


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