We adore Claridge’s, the grand old lady of Brook Street, and always enjoy twirling into the lobby, melting into the dim-lit Fumoir, or fantasising about taking a suite for a week or so.

A rendezvous in the filmically gorgeous main bar is a top-drawer treat for Londoners and visitors alike. In case you don’t get there, here’s a champagne cocktail for you to make at home, courtesy of bartender Denis Broci.

‘When I think of winter, it’s the scents of brandy and port that come to me,’ says Denis, who has presided over Claridge’s Bar for four years. ‘We’ve come up with a twist on a classic cobbler, containing those flavours that evoke after-dinner festivities and log fires. This is a luxurious, elegant cocktail, reminiscent of mulled wine with a little fizz.’

The Claridge’s champagne cobbler

What you’ll need

  • One orange slice, cut in half
  • One lemon slice, cut in half
  • Four blackberries
  • 20ml brandy
  • 20ml port
  • 10ml crème de mure liqueur
  • 25ml champagne
  • 5ml sugar syrup
  • Two dashes of orange bitters

‘Use a dry champagne or, if you use prosecco, use a little less of the sugar and the liqueur’

  • 1

    Start with the fruit in a tall tumbler.

  • 2

    Muddle well.

  • 3

    Set aside the orange wedge to use as a garnish.

  • 4

    Add crushed ice.

  • 5

    Then add the port, brandy, liqueur, sugar syrup and bitters.

  • 6

    Pour in your champagne.

  • 7

    Stir, and top up with crushed ice.

  • 8

    Garnish with half a blackberry, an orange wedge and a cinnamon stick alongside two slim straws.

Denis’s top tips

  • Use a dry champagne or, if you use prosecco, use a little less of the sugar and the liqueur.
  • Do use tall glasses – crushed ice doesn’t work in a coupe or flute.
  • If you have to use ice cubes, allow the drink to dilute a little before serving.
  • The port should be a full-bodied one, for example: a fine ruby port, rather than a tawny port.
  • You can easily make a bowl of this for a party – just share the fruit out equally.

Claridge’s, 49–55 Brook Street, London W1 (020 7629 8860; www.claridges.co.uk)


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