The effect of Russell Sage’s design for the new Dishoom overlooking Shoreditch High Street (the entrance is on Boundary Street, fact fans…) is to transport its East London clientele straight to 1970s Bombay. The city’s hundreds of Irani cafés (there are now about 30) were creaking, crumbling a bit, but still bustling with life and welcoming absolutely everyone, regardless of caste or occupation, and serving snacks, meals and lots of chai. We’re here, admiring the room’s artfully dilapidated elegance, and anticipating a refreshing cocktail.

We’ve requested something that brings out the flavours in spicy food without competing too bossily, and Dishoom’s head bartender Carl Brown gets it spot-on with a whisky sour that matches veritable Indian whisky with a subtly fragrant liqueur.

Dishoom’s 1948 Sour step by step


  • 25ml Amrut Fusion whisky
  • 20ml peach and hibiscus liqueur
  • 20ml lemon juice
  • 5ml honey
  • 1 egg white
  • 10ml soda water

For vintage Mumbai style, present the glass on a paper doily

  • 1

    Chill a rocks glass. Then mix your ingredients in a cocktail shaker: lemon juice…

  • 2

    … egg white (Carl is a dab hand – we suggest you don’t crack an egg straight into the cocktail)…

  • 3

    … peach and hibiscus liqueur (look for Bernard Loiseau brand), and Indian whisky. Try Royal Mile Whiskies for this, or substitute a full-flavoured, smoky Scotch.

  • 4

    Then add the honey and soda water.

  • 5

    Fill up your shaker with ice.

  • 6

    Then shake it like you mean it.

  • 7

    Fine-strain the cocktail over the ice into the chilled glass, making sure the foam is nice and thick.

  • 8

    Garnish with a candied rose petal or a cherry in season.

Dishoom; 7 Boundary Street, London E2 7JE (020 7420 9324;


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