Established in 1643 by Claude Trudon, Cire Trudon supplied candles to French royalty, right up to the revolution (they developed a more elegant and tapered candle especially for Marie Antoinette). However, it wasn’t until 2006, under the creative direction of Ramdane Touhami, that Cire Trudon introduced scents to their candles. They are contained in hand-blown glasses crafted in Italy, with embossed gold labels produced by the oldest maker of champagne labels in France.

It seemed only right that we quizzed Laurent Delafon, Cire Trudon’s managing director for some insider tips on how to scent your home and get the most from your favourite artisan candles.

Five steps to a perfectly scented house, from Laurent Delafon of Cire Trudon

  • Place your candle away from draughts, open windows and doors – it will burn more evenly and for longer.
  • Burn your candle for no more than three hours at a time. This is ample to fully perfume any space.
  • Instead of blowing out the flame, which will produce smoke and an acrid smell, drown the wick in the liquid wax. Do not forget to cock the wick vertical again.
  • Before lighting the candle, trim the wick to roughly 5mm, to ensure that the flame isn’t too big, which can blacken the glass vessel.
  • The first time you light your candle, keep it burning until the whole top is liquid (about three hours). This will ensure a regular and even burn.

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