We’re always on the look out for crafty ways to raise the style stakes. So, we turned to our DIY expert, Kit Lee for tips on how to create an easy, chic alternative to a traditional Christmas tree, especially good for small spaces.

‘This simple garland of fairy lights is transformed by strips of organza ribbons, creating a beautiful and subtle adornment for any urban space,’ says Kit. ‘Wrapped over tree branches, it’s a pretty alternative to a tree; or, on a smaller scale, use it as a table centrepiece, giving a contemporary and modern feel to your living space or office.’

Kit’s DIY garland fairy lights

You’ll need

  • A string of 50 fairy lights
  • Two metres of organza ribbons in blue, red, gold and green (any width)
  • Scissors
  • A ruler

Choose bold colours to stand out against the fairy lights

  • 1

    Get your tools ready so they’re easily to hand.

  • 2

    Measure and cut the organza ribbon into four-inch strips.

  • 3

    If you use a string of 50 fairy lights, you’ll need 100 organza strips (25 of each colour) in total.

  • 4

    Take a strip of coloured ribbon and insert it through the two-ply cord next to the fairy light.

  • 5

    Tie a simple knot to secure the ribbon in place under the bulb. Repeat the process with the next bulb along, using a different coloured ribbon.

  • 6

    When you reach the fifth fairy light, repeat the colour combination until all 50 lights have a coloured ribbon tied beneath.

  • 7

    If you like a particularly colourful garland, tie additional ribbons at the midpoint between every fairy light.

  • 8

    Take your vase and arrange two or three tree branches at angles.

  • 9

    Wrap the garland of fairy lights around the tree branches, as you would arrange the lights on a Christmas tree.

  • 10

    Plug in, switch off the main lights and admire the subtle glow – and your handiwork!

Kit’s top tips

  • Choose bold colours to stand out against the fairy lights.
  • Use a clear glass vase if you have one – it will help to reflect the light across the room.
  • Use taller branches if you’re going to sit the vase on the floor as an alternative to a Christmas tree.
  • Alternatively, attach the garland around the edge of a window frame for a welcoming glow.
  • Not wanting to sound too Health & Safety, but don’t forget to turn the lights off before you leave the house or retire to bed.
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