MiH is cool. Like Swedish people are cool. Or an LCD sound system is cool. Its jeans are quietly very good. Its shirts are chambray. And so it’s no surprise that its headquarters, an old photography studio is cool, too. From the repurposed scaffolding, exposed brick and soft light to the angled desk lamps and scattered old-school apple crates, the design of the place is elegant without being fussily refined, just like the clothes.

‘We’ve had friends and architects come in here and be blown away by how the space works, the energy of it,’ says boss Chloe Lonsdale. But what really stands out is the homeliness of the space – so we asked Chloe for some quick tips on how to personalise your workspace.

Chloe’s top tips

  • ‘Look for items with an industrial edge. I particularly love the huge pair of 1930s Michelin metal factory tables. They both look great and are really functional from a design perspective.
  • Add charm with alternative storage solutions. We use old-school apple crates which are ideal for office storage.
  • Vintage finds such as wicker stools, the chase longue and the rolling racks, which were made in New York out of old scaffold, add texture.
  • The definitive stamp on the space is my collection of family photos, which appear everywhere. Most of my mother, who modelled for MiH back in the 1970s, and father, who founded Jean Machine.
  • Add layers of interest with ceramics, vintage material, stacks of your favourite magazines and books.’

  • MiH Jeans; www.mih-jeans.com


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